Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

It seems that our hearts break every day..and we can only imagine how the animals feel that find themselves in our shelter after having lived their lives in a loving, kind home. Such is the case with Maddie. Maddie came to our shelter as a tiny puppy. She was fostered and then adopted into a wonderful home. Her family adored her and took great care of her. Then, tragically, they became unable to care for Maddie, and had to return her to us. There was not one dry eye in the shelter that morning. Her mom and dad were devastated…and so was Maddie and so were we. Now, we need to find a home for her so her heart can begin to mend. Maddie is an AWESOME dog. She LOVES everyone. She is sweet and affectionate. Maddie is now 5 years old and she weighs 68 pounds. Maddie met some dogs at the shelter, and was fine with them. Same with cats..she just sniffed and moved on. Maddie is active and would benefit from daily exercise. This wonderful girl can be your next best friend and family member!