Mastiff - Adult - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotsPrefers No CatsPrefers No Kids

Gideon is a handsome pile of goofiness and love. He loves to play with big stuffed animal toys while laying on big soft dog beds and giving sweet kisses with his nose. While the nature of the breed/mix Gideon appears, Gideon’s age absorbs any unnecessary rowdiness younger pooches of his breed may express.

Gideon is housetrained, crate trained, walks easily on a leash, and listens well to his handler. Unless you are his number one human, Gideon may resource guard his food at times, which warrants that his perfect match must be mindful of environmental factors that doesn’t set anyone up to fail (e.g. strangers giving him treats, uncoordinated children mistaking food as a play toy). One of our animal caretakers on staff has succeeded in hand feeding Gideon, which doesn’t surprise us because she has an affinity for large, working breeds.

When he’s not eating a meal, Gideon just wants to hang with his favorite human (or sunbathing!!!) and enjoy being a “big-lug-of-a-love-bug” within a household that understands him and his splendid loyalty.