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Birds & Reptiles

Roxie's Rescues Exotic animals! Roxie's Fund has a small exotic animal rescue department that will rescue reptiles of all kinds, parrots and the occasional hedgehog or other exotic pet! We can take in just about any snake or pet lizard, and for those we can't take in, we can often refer people to other groups that work with that species.  We have many years of experience rescuing parrots and have great success working with behavioral issues in pet birds.

We do not currently take in aquatic turtles, but you can try the Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society. We do not take venomous snakes, but can refer to people who can do so legally. We only take iguanas on an EXTREMELY limited basis. Almost any other reptiles and birds we can accommodate!

To adopt one of Roxie's Exotics you don't need a lot of experience for all but the most challenging animals, you just need commitment and a willingness to learn. Please email us for more information.

To see our birds and reptiles waiting for their new homes, go to our Petfinder page and scroll past the dogs for adoption---the exotics are waiting for you!

We rescue exotics! We rescue exotics!

We would also LOVE to expand our reptile and bird foster homes!! If you love reptiles or birds and want to help the ever-increasing numbers of homeless scaly and feathered creatures, please email us today!

We rescue exotics! We rescue exotics!


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