Why Spay / Neuter

Save lives: spay and neuter your pets

Roxie’s Fund has a sponsored spay/neuter program designed specifically for dogs that are ALREADY owned, as opposed to dogs in rescue. We feel that the only true way to end euthanasia is by putting an end to indiscriminate backyard breeding and “opps” litters. Every year millions of unwanted pets are killed because there are not enough homes for them all. We think this is a tragedy.

Spayed and neutered dogs can not contribute to the never-ending misery of euthanasia, and are also healthier dogs! Unspayed female dogs are extremely prone to mammary tumors, and at risk for pyometra, a horrible, and potentially fatal, uterine infection. Unneutered male dogs are at risk for testicular and prostate cancer and peri-anal tumors.

Please, do the right thing for your dog, and all dogs, by altering your pet!

  • How our program works:
  • You will read, sign, and return a form about the process. DO NOT make an online donation until you have corresponded with one of our volunteers, and they will instruct you on the amount of donation needed. The donation is between $50 and $150 in most cases.
  • You will give us your first and second choice of dates for the surgery.
  • We will make the appointment for you at one of our Spay/Neuter partners.
  • You will drop off your dog at 8:00am on the day of the surgery at the spay/neuter clinic.
  • You will pick up your dog in the afternoon on the day of surgery.
  • Your dog must be current on rabies and bordetella vaccinations. Please bring proof with you to your appointment. If your dog is not current, the vet can administer these vaccinations on the day of surgery at the owner’s expense.

The program is designed to be easy and extremely affordable so that we can reach as many dogs as possible.