darwin01This is Darwin.

Darwin is a sweet, endearing, all heart wonderful dog.

He came to our rescue after he was a return adopt to a PA Shelter. Darwin was originally adopted out at approx 4-5-6 months of age, returned to the shelter when he was approx 10-12-15 months of age. The condition Darwin was returned to the shelter was very sad. Darwin could not walk. The shelter kept Darwin for approx 2 months or so, to determine possible animal abuse/cruelty, took x-rays, to see if charges could be brought about. No cruelty could ever be determined. That is when the shelter contacted Roxie’s Fund for help!

When we picked up Darwin, he had made some minor improvements at the shelter, and was at least able to walk some. Darwin was taken to our Vet, plenty of X-Rays, blood work, Specialty Care at a neurologist, and much collaboration to his condition. Darwin has made much progress over his time in rescue.

darwin02Darwin has been to the Univ. of Florida with Dr. Danoff, for further evaluation of his condition. Darwin is currently undergoing physical therapy, doing underwater treadmill, Electric Pulse Signals, muscle movements, and acupuncture with E-Stem. He cannot go up/down stairs, and when he walks, he mimics a baby colt, if you will. He cannot walk long distances, or hold himself up for any great length of time. The physical therapy has made tremendous progress in Darwin?s mobility, and we would love to see this wonderful dog be able to at least “walk” with the other dogs for an extended period of time. The best diagnosis at this time is Polyneuropathy. Darwin will need continued therapy for a while, to help build up his muscle mass, and to gain coordination.

darwin03Darwin is all “heart” loves everyone he meets, is wonderful with other dogs, and if any dog truly enjoys life, it is Darwin. He so much deserves the chance he never had. He is a lovely dog that makes a great companion. He would love the opportunity for continued support to help make his “quality” of life much richer. When Darwin is out and about, he has his wheelchair and his foster mommy has purchased a Red Ryder Wagon, exclusively for Darwin. When his little legs get tired, he is in motion either in his wheelchair or Red Ryder Wagon.

Darwin would appreciate any support you can give him so he can continue on his road to recovery.

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