This is Willow.

willow01Willow came into a local shelter, badly injured from apparent dog fighting, terrified out of her mind of all of the people and the strange environment.  She was too frightened to even walk and cowered down on her belly flat on the floor.

Willow was immediately sent to a vet for treatment of her wounds and then back to the shelter to await her fate.  Fortunately, one of the shelter staff saw in Willow’s eyes the longing to love and be loved.  After several days of quietly just sitting in Willow’s kennel, Willow finally started to accept some petting and treats.

The staff person reached out to Roxie’s Fund to try to give this poor girl a chance when she’d never had one before.  Sadly, to add to Willow’s woes, while at the shelter she came down with pneumonia and was diagnosed with a heart ailment.  Roxie’s Fund agreed to help.

Willow has been at our vet hospital for a week now receiving IV fluids and antibiotics, as well as daily nebulizer treatments.  She is finally starting to heal from her urgent physical injuries and infections.  Soon she will be released to a Roxie’s Fund foster home where she will begin the journey to heal her emotional damage and learn that she can and will be loved.  We will also follow up on the heart ailment and see what sort of treatment that will require.

Willow’s treatment is expensive, but we wanted to give Willow the opportunity to experience life as she never had before – with someone loving her and taking care of her.

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