Urgent Cases

Urgent care for Dogs with Medical or Emotional Needs.

These dogs’ stories are just some of the many Roxie’s Fund takes into our care on a yearly basis. This is our total commitment to each and every dog that comes to us. It illustrates how we provide for every dog in our rescue program. The recovery road is often filled with obstacles: physical, emotional and monetary. Some of these beautiful dogs will be available for adoption after some love and rehabilitation, some of them have been adopted and sadly, some have passed away in our care. We’ve established Meeko’s Fund, a fund which designates 100% of your donation to Urgent Cases just like these. Without your generosity we would not be able to help so many of these Urgent dogs that desperately need our help. Please consider a donation today! Click here to donate today.

greyson0Meet Greyson darwin0Meet Darwin
willow0Meet Willow hummer0Meet Hummer
tia0Meet Tia kiara0Meet Kiara
debo2Meet Debo Meet Woof and Growl