This is Debo.

debo2A wonderfully sweet male Rottie who has had the worst luck in his short life. Roxie’s Fund was called about Debo, after he had been adopted out from the shelter he was initially taken into when the adopter’s no longer wanted Debo. Debo somehow got shifted to a kennel, and that is when Roxie’s Fund was made aware of Debo’s situation. We received an urgent plea for help from the original shelter. Debo had been diagnosed heartworm positive, lyme positive and living in a kennel for approximately two long months. Roxie’s Fund agreed to help. Transport was immediately arranged to bring Debo to our vets office for a full physical exam and to begin treatments for his conditions. The test results did confirm heartworm and lyme. Debo was put on antibiotics for his lyme disease and started his heartworm treatment and came through like a champ. However, we ran into another set of sad news. The vet confirmed Debo’s Lymphnodes seemed rather swollen and wanted to do further testing and a biopsy. The procedures were done and sent off to pathology. The test results came back with the sad news Debo was positive for Lymphoma, a cancer that effects the Lymph system.

debo01Debo was immediately put on traditional Lymphoma/Cancer fighting drugs and a host of alternative medicine including the Rife Technology. Debo continues to do well in his foster home. Debo will stay in foster- permanent care, as to move/adopt Debo, could possibly compromise his immune system. He is enjoying life, loves to play with his dog friends, his appetite is well and his system seems to be very strong. Roxie’s Fund is honored to be able to take care of Debo and make his hopefully long last days on Earth as richly filled as possible. Debo’s vet care has come to over $1900.00 with all of his treatments and is still undergoing treatments and will be more than likely, for the duration of his life. Can your heart spare a little change to continue to help Debo live a full and happy life?

debo5Debo is one of the many dogs that truly deserves as much happiness as his heart and paw can hold.

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